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Photographic Tours
Create great travel Memories on your travel schedule ...

We organize both Video and Still Photo Safaris for both amateur and Professional Photographers, individually or in groups. We prepare all the necessary licenses for the professional filming Crew and ensure that all the permits are ready by the time safari begins. This covers general wildlife photography, bird photography, Cultural and Environmental themes.

There is nothing more epic than capturing the great migration of the wildebeest in pictures and millions of wildebeests trak the plain savannah of the great Serengeti Game Reserve in pursuit of green lush grass across to Kenya's Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Capture the predators take advantage and prey on the weak, young calves and vulnerable one as they trail the herds on land or under water as they try to make it across the Mara river - a point that is thoroughly infested with Crocs and other aqautic predators.

For the nature photographers, no wildlife event can rical the great migration as it takes place twice a year as the serengeti plains gets dotted with the millions of animals moving across. Do not miss this spectacle.