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Mountain Climbing Safaris
Get yourself to the top of the world ...

Climb to the Top of the World

We offer the opportunity to climb Africa's two highest mountains which we can arrange separately or combine with any other of our tours to create a unique and unforgettable holiday for you. 

At 5896m ( Mount Kilimanjaro) or 5199m ( Mount Kenya), no technical climbing is involved and the only requirement is that one be in good physical shape. Both mountains are becoming increasingly popular with mountaineers from all over the world. Mount Kilimanjaro being the highest free standing mountain in the world presents a popular challenge to all experienced and first time climbers.

Mount Kenya
There are two main peaks; Batian and Nelion, both of which require a certain degree of proficiency to reach. Lenana peak, the third-highest, is suitable for climbers with l ittle experience. There are four main routes to the peaks, Naro Moru, Sirimon and the Timau tracks on the mountains' Western slopes and Chogoria route on the Eastern Slopes. Vegetation varies from dense bamboo forest to gnarled Hagenia trees.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Two main routes are used to reach the peaks. The Marangu Route is the most often climbed and you will meet parties of climbers in each direction. Accommodation is in huts, with shared facilities controlled by the National Parks Authorities. The Machame Route regarded as the most beautiful but is less often used as it is much harder to climb. We will arrange your climb making sure that hut fees, the rescue fee, services of guides, porters etc are taken care of to make your climb a memorable one.