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Gorilla Safaris
Memorable experiences with these grand primates ...

Rwanda & Uganda Primate Safaris

The Mountain Gorilla is an endangered species living in the remote and  ancient forests south west of Uganda - in Bwindi and Mgahinga, and also in the forests of Rwanda. Bwindi is of course best known for its primates – gorillas and chimpanzees, which live in this forest region. You’ll find the region’s stunning natural beauty breathtaking and its warm, friendly people quite welcoming.

Gorilla trekking is strenuous exercise. Trekkers should be physically fit. Protective hand gear and sturdy boots are a must. Age limit for trekking is 15years. Our itineraries are varied and can be extended or changed to suit individual clients. For conservation reasons, access to the Gorillas is carefully controlled. Travelers wishing to see the Gorillas need to book in advance in order to arrange for permits.