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Balloon Expeditions
Take to the Skies and experience great adventures ...

Tanzania Balloon Safaris | Kenya Balloon Safaris

A popular event and experience for visitors to the Serengeti Plain and the Masai Mara Game Reserves is the hot air balloon. Your Adventure begins when you set off on a game viewing adventure with an entirely different perspective. You will be amazed by the silence as you float over the plains. Balloon Safari is most stunning during the months between July and October when the Savanna teems with animals during the Great Migration. Each year, up to 1.5 million wildebeest (or white-bearded gnu),250,000 Burchell's zebra and half-a-million Thomson's gazelle trek through the Serengeti-Mara complex along a cyclic march that covers annually some 1,800 miles.

When you arrive, you will meet your pilot and witness your balloon being inflated and prepared for launch.

After a thorough safety briefing and demonstration of boarding and landing position you board your balloon and lift off! Rising as the sun rises your balloon floats in whatever direction the winds of the day are heading over this wonderful area.

It is an adventure – even for us. Whereas we know where we have started, we genuinely do not know where we will land as we float in the direction of and speed of the wind.

After landing, you celebrate in the traditional way with a champagne toast (well, an excellent sparkling wine) before heading off to a special ‘Out of Africa’ breakfast.

Breakfast is prepared in the bush and served under a convenient acacia tree. Linen, bone china, Sheffield cutlery and freshly prepared fare in the company of your fellow passengers makes a memorable finale to your adventure.