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Tarangire National Park
Tanzania Best Kept Secret

Tarangire lies to the south of the large open grass plains of southern Maasailand and is the best-kept secret on the northern safari circuit.

It offers wonderful panoramas of wide savannah grasslands dotted with open acacia woodland studded with large Baobab trees. The density of game is second only to the crowded Ngorongoro Crater.

This is a year-round park with distinct seasons offering different experiences, from dusty, dry and baking with animals clustered around the rapidly reducing river, to the fecund green season full of new-born animals and chattering birds. The only months to avoid are during the heavy rainfalls of April and May.

Tarangire is a dry season refuge for many migratory animals (elephants, wildebeest, zebra, gazelles, eland and buffalo), that spend many months of the year outside the park on traditional grazing corridors linking Tarangire with other protected areas.

It is hoped that the farms, settlements and mines that are in the path of this annual migration, can find a solution in community based land use that will safeguard the survival of these historic traversing routes.

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